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The Eagle T100 is the #1 Selling Eagle Carton Sealer!


Best suited for medium volume production.


Side belt drive ensures proper carton sealing even with cartons that are short in height, but have an extended length.


Tape head can accept 2” and 3” tape with simple adjustments.


• Side Drive Belts

• Locking Casters

• Top Squeezers

• Dual Mast

• Top & Bottom Tape Heads

• Extension Roller Tables



Power supply 110VAC/60Hz, single phase

Carton size L (6”- infinity), W (4.25” - 19.75”), H (4.5” - 19.75”)

Working speed 30 cartons/minute*

Tape material BOPP

Tape size 2” or 3”

Machine dimensions 38.2” x 35” x 50.3”

Machine weight 520 lbs.

Min./Max. working height 17.5” / 27.75”

Available in stainless steel

1-year warranty on part


Comes in various configurations


The Eagle 2000 series


The Eagle 2000 series stretch wrapper features a powered* pre-stretch unit to maximize film efficiency. Using an electronic photo eye, the Eagle 2000 automatically recognizes load height and adjusts carriage travel to create an effective wrap cycle. The turntable offers a soft start and soft stop feature to ensure gentle handling of the load being wrapped. The turntable resets itself automatically upon completion of each load.


The available features provide for increased production and a cost per load savings that can easily justify owning an Eagle 2000 series stretch wrapper.



• Semi-Automatic or Manual Operation

• Powered Prestretch (250%)

• PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

• LCD Display with Integrated Controls

• ALHS (Automatic Load-Height Sensor)

• Automatic Turntable Reset to Home Position

• Soft Start/Stop Turntable

• Handles Pallet Load Profiles A, B, & C - See more at:



Ask us about the options!


The Eagle T20CF


constructs and seals the carton bottom cover during operation. Total process time per carton is only 3 seconds! With the vertical storage system, cartons can be added at any time without stopping the machine.


The Eagle T20CF offers increased productivity and is suitable for various carton sizes and can be manually adjust in under 2 minutes.



Power supply – 110VAC/60Hz

Air Pressure – 85 psi

Tape Width – 2" and 3"

Working Speed – 0 to 10cases/min

Case Size

  Length – 11" to 20.5"

  Width – 7" to 11" (base carton size must meet the following requirement: 24" > W/2+H > 11" L change scope 5.75")

Machine Dimension (W x L x H) – 86.6" x 80.7" x 53"

Machine weight – 881.8 Lbs

Environment conditions

  Humidity – 98%

  Temperature – 32ºF to 104ºF




Smaller size available




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